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WALL-E TeaserThere’s only one studio in the world that can claim a perfect track record in film making, and Pixar is it. I’ve been curious about the upcoming WALL-E, especially considering it’ll be film mostly devoid of actual dialogue, which has to be a first for a major American animated feature. The second teaser trailer has been released (you can watch it here), and like every other teaser we’re not really given any insight into what the film is about, but it still manages to hook me.

Give it a look-see. And see if you can figure out how the Buy n Large site fits into the film.

I’ve been on a Pixar kick recently, so I’m pretty much just dying to pick up Ratatouille when it’s released on November 6th, as getting to the theater has become a wee bit more problematic, what with the twins and all..

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