World War II in Color

by alphamonkey on October 5, 2007 · 0 comments

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WWII in ColorI’ll admit it: Only a few episodes into Ken Burns’ WWII epic documentary, The War, and I’m already bored to tears. I find it amazing that Burns could take such a fascinating subject and turn it into a turgid homage to small town America devoid of any vitality or urgency. Maybe it’s my wish that Burns would have found a way to contrast how America responded to WWII with how we’ve responded to our recent trials, but I simply find myself wondering why spend such a gargantuan amount of time and money on the subject if there’s nothing new being brought to the table, ominous Keith David voice-over or no.

Anyway, to sate my own desire for quality WWII content, I’ll turn once again to the World War 2 in Color site, which boasts the largest archive of color photography and film footage on the internet. There’s just something about seeing images of the time in luscious color that removes the automatic ‘distant past’ association I tend to have with black and white photography.

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