Build your own Jabba the Hut.

by alphamonkey on November 5, 2007 · 0 comments

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Life Sized Jabba PuppetThere’s getting your geek on, and then there’s GETTING YOUR GEEK ON. Guess which one applies to the clever souls who built their own life-size Jabba the Hut?

A little late for Halloween, but really what occasion doesn’t need a life-sized Jabba the Hut puppet? Roll this monstrosity out for Thanksgiving, New Years, or even Arbor Day and spice up the festivities with impromptu bargaining for a certain frozen smuggler’s life!

My own though would be to use Jabba as a judge for Charades. Frantic windmilling arms an unintelligible clue for ‘Paddle Boat’? Into the Rancor pit with you!

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