Happy Guy Fawkes Day

by alphamonkey on November 5, 2007 · 3 comments

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V for VendettaIf you weren’t aware, today is Guy Fawkes Day, which is the only holiday I can think of that commemorates a failed attempt at regicide, but of course provided the inspiration for Alan Moore and David Lloyd’s amazing V for Vendetta (whose V provides our illustration to the right).

Guy Fawkes was a conspirator in the Gunpowder Plot, which one was of many attempts to kill King James I as a means by which to retaliate against Catholic persecution and establish a Catholic monarchy in England. The date of November 5th commemorates not the day the plot was to be executed, but rather the day Fawkes confessed to his role in plot, which was to detonate 1800 pounds of gunpowder that had been placed in a cellar room under the House of Lords.

Had Fawkes and his co-conspirators been successful, it’s widely thought that their acts would have leveled most of the Old Palace of Westminster complex, and done fair damage to a large chunk of the surrounding area. I quite enjoy the fact that the day is celebrated with fireworks.

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  • Wellis

    Well it’s the best way to show patriotism towards your reigning monarch and country by blowing up a small part of it. and of course the burning of effigies (traditionally the effigy was of the pope, but it changed to guy fawkes for political concern).

    still ‘penny for the guy?’

  • Bryan B

    For this special day, I decided to blow up a goverment building. Hilarity does not ensue.

  • Alan

    The practice of “penny for the Guy” has been somewhat cheapened over the last few years, gangs of chavs put a tack suit top and a football on the floor outside a supermarket and extort cash from the easily intimidated.

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