Recording Super Mario Galaxy's Gusty Garden theme

by alphamonkey on November 20, 2007 · 1 comment

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I’ve yet to get some Super Mario Galaxy time in (a fact which is indeed killing me even as I type this), but reliable reports give an enthusiastically awesome thumbs up. Since, above all else, I’m a complete glutton for punishment, here’s the recording session for the game’s ‘Gusty Garden’ theme, which really underscores how much care and attention Miyamato gives to every element of his trademark game line. Nintendo has consistently delivered some of the most memorable game music ever, so it’s neat to see the process behind that.

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  • elkciN

    The wait will be well worth it, trust me. The music is all just as great as this tune, especially for fans of the series (lots of remixes of classic tunes).

    I’ve beaten the game, but I haven’t yet collected every star, but my review is as follows:

    The best game I’ve ever played. Reminds me of why I started this hobby in the first place, and takes me back to when I was 12, and games were still magical. It may not have the bump-mapping, or the hi-def graphics of it’s contemporaries on the other consoles, but it grasps that certain something, whatever it is, that those games fail to achieve.

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