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Ah, there’s nothing quite like a food review when a critic utterly despises the entire restaurant. To whit, Sundays review of a Ukrainian restaurant in London:

Top of the list is the Cossack Pork Sausage. Any comedic value obtained from the innuendo in that name was completely trounced by the appearance of the dish itself. The lengths of gnarled, under-seasoned gristly sausage arrived atop a lattice covering a ceramic bowl, which held a reservoir of burning liquor. Heaped on the sausage were crisp onion rings, which were immediately ignited by the flames from below. ‘Now you blow it out,’ the waitress said, her anxiety rising with the plumes of smoke. ‘Now, please! Now!’ This was the Red Army’s scorched-earth policy realised in food. My companion Amanda is a game girl. Not only did she blow out the flames, she even tasted the food. Now she knows what carbonised onions taste like. They taste like charcoal.

Via Coudal Partners

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