Why I love Wiki: Innappropriate Content Edition

by alphamonkey on November 13, 2007 · 1 comment

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I’m an unabashed fan of wiki content (if you hadn’t already guessed), both for the amazing breadth of information that’s made readily available through utilizing the shared passion of individuals, and because that same passion is guaranteed to produce a nigh-infinite amount of unintentional hilarity. To whit: An article on wikiHow (kind of a less practical version of Instructables) entitled, ‘Persuade an Atheist to Become Christian‘.

Leaving aside the less-than-noble concept behind the article, the write-up itself is chock full of half-baked conversion techniques that wouldn’t convince a houseplant, let alone a cognizant human being of any theological bent. So hilarity score #1. Hilarity 2 & 3? The edit history and discussion pages, in which serious and satirical battles alike wage for the soul of the post in question.

Granted, I’ve picked an example in which opinions were guaranteed to produce extreme results, but the true wonder of wiki is that those same kind of heated discussions with pretty much the same frequency (if not passion) over articles about ALF.

A tip o’ the cap to supremely good Cynical-C for the original find.

Update: wikiHow might just be my new favorite site of all time, and ‘Random Article‘ might just be the best link ever. Where else can I learn How to Start a Trench Coat Club or learn How to Avoid Being Seen as Easy?

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