And so the Wheel turns…

by alphamonkey on December 11, 2007 · 7 comments

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This may be of interest to a relative few, but I found it noteworthy enough: Tor Books has announced that writer Brandon Sanderson will be completing the last Wheel of Time novel using the late Robert Jordan’s notes and drafts.

This doesn’t worry me as I’ve long ago resigned myself to the fact that finishing the Wheel of Time series is simply something that must be done (much like say, having to floss), and the fact that editor Harriet Popham Rigney (who happened to be Jordan’s wife) will be overseeing the effort.

But man, talk about pressure. Not only does this guy have to wrap up an exceptionally long and convoluted tale that’s damn near gospel to many, he’s got to do it using another author’s voice.


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  • Arhu

    Agreed. I’ll keep my expectations low so I won’t be disappointed. I’ve just recently finished reading book 11 and if I only got a summary of the ending out of this project, I’d be happy. That said, I do hope Mr. Sanderson can do Robert Jordan’s world justice. Let’s wait and see. :)

  • Colonel_Dashing

    I must say that I think Sanderson doesn’t have it that hard. After the last four books, I can’t imagine that he could do a worst job. I’m not trashing the Wheel of Time, however, I did find Jordan’s narrative and inspiration to be extremely lacking after the sixth book; perhaps a result of his illness. My hope is that Sanderson can bring it all together in a fashion that is true to Jordan’s intent, but perhaps invigorated with some new life.

  • .alphamonkey.

    I can’t say I don’t agree with you, Col. In truth, I think Sanderson has it hard simply due to perception and a fanbase that treats Jordon like Tolkien’s bigger brother.

    After Dragon Reborn, the whole series became a ‘how long can I stretch this out’ exercise, as you could cut out the whole ‘aren’t women sassy and silly?/aren’t men rogues’ bits and you’d have about 2 books left.

  • Colonel_Dashing

    I must also add that the Wheel of Time novels also illustrate why one should not have their wife edit their work. Some of my dissatisfaction with the series was not in Jordan’s content but his prose. In his prologue New Spring, there was a sentence that took up eight lines and contained thirteen commas! Now, I don’t blame the author for this, I blame his editor. I think perhaps if they had removed Harriet as his editor, Jordan would have gained a more critical eye that would not have perhaps been afraid to hurt his feelings. After all, you are not supposed to like your editor as they should be the most honest critics of your work.

  • Dave

    I pretty much agree with your comments. I felt that the series had begun to wallow in itself. Almost like a competition with L Ron Hubbard’s Mission Earth on how long and ponderous you can make a storyline. I felt the same about Stephen King’s The Dark Tower series except that as jumbled as the storyline became at points, I personally never felt that it was as dragging as the WOT.

    Overall I enjoyed all the series, but felt that better editing would have made a world of difference.

  • elkciN

    I, too, will echo the sentiment that it’s been a bit downhill for the past few books, but it’s too late for me to stop now, anyway.

  • kree

    They should just publish the unfinished manuscript and the notes. Otherwise people will bitch.

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