Black Belt Jones

by alphamonkey on December 3, 2007 · 0 comments

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Dave’s Long Box & Invincible Super Blog teamed up for a historic review of the 1974 cinematic powerhouse, Black Belt Jones, which Robert Clouse (Enter the Dragon) unleashed on American audiences in a bid to propel Jim Kelly into super-stardom. That mark was surely missed, but he did succeed in making one of the most awesomely terrible movies of all time, which was a Friday night staple for my friends and I back in the heady days of 1990.

If the opening credit sequence (to the right, or at El Tube) doesn’t compel you to immediately order yourself a copy on DVD, you don’t deserve your eyeballs.

In a universe more just than this one, Jim Kelly rules the world, arbitrating nation disputes with the raw power of his street-fu.

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