Casimir Gets an Echocardiagram

by alphamonkey on December 4, 2007 · 0 comments

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Longtime ‘Buddha pal (and frequent showcasee) Casimir Nozkowski recently underwent an echocardiogram and, like any good obsessive film-maker, documented the process. Thankfully everything came back a-ok, so double good on that, and double-thanks to Casimir for sending it my way.

For nerds like me, it’s just a nifty bit of medical science pr0n. I’m a big lover of these kinds of things, so much so that when my wife had the obstetric sonograph that revealed our twinsy bounty for the first time, my shock and joy was completely overwhelmed by curiosity and interest in the ultrasound process itself. Thankfully, this same trait allowed me to witness Ella and Zoe’s birth from enough of a intellectual distance as to not make me swear off sex forever, ’cause let’s face it, kids: those kind of visuals (ie, crotch in a car-wreck) can tamper down the fires, ya know?

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