Chocolate Bunny Murdering Looks Delicious

by Andy Cochrane on December 4, 2007 · 5 comments

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chocolate bunny murder

Chocolade Haas was recently featured over on No Fat Clips, and I fell in love immediately. If you want to see the exact difference between a short film and a video clip, this is it. The careful choice of subject matter, materials, camera angles, lighting, music, and editing make this piece instantly one of the more magnificent shorts that I have seen lately. If this were shot by a Youtuber, it would have been handheld, put to Linkin Park, the whole thing would have been narrated by a giggling 14 year old whose favorite words are “dude”, “no way”, and “awesome”, and it would have been titled “Bunnies Totally Get Pwned!!!!”. Commissioned by Cut-n-Paste, this clip is an example of everything that is still right with the short film world.

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  • Andrew DeGolyer

    What’s the song?

  • Andy Cochrane

    wish i knew, it may be original score, but someone around here should be able to tell us.

  • Andrew DeGolyer

    Also, when the eyes melt it kinda freaked me out, specially with the blow drier. Makes me want to go buy chocolate bunnies and see how else I could melt them…

  • Starrgazer

    The song is Aviva Pastoral by Nathan Larson. Best remembered by the movie Palindromes.

  • Andy Cochrane

    see, told you. as for the eyes, the heat lamp was amazing- it really looked like an animal in sheer terror, which made it disturbing. had to remind myself that it was just a chocolate bunny.

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