The Search for Count Dante

by alphamonkey on December 5, 2007 · 0 comments

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Count DanteAnyone who read comics in the 70’s or early 80’s is all too familiar with Count Dante, aka the deadliest man alive, the man whose frightening visage was a common sight among the ads in our favorite cape and tights books. For but a pittance, this afro-coiffed engine of destruction would send you the only materials you’d need to master his patented street-proven fighting style, along with a membership card for the Black Dragon Fighting Society (see image). I mean, c’mon. How effin’ sweet is that?

Imagine my surprise in finding out that Count Dante (aka John Keenan) was actually the co-founder and head instructor of the United States Karate Association. Not to mention a rather successful hair stylist and salon owner. Oh yeah, and a trail-blazing racial integrator who dabbled in a little bit of explosive vengeance against rivals.

Floyd Webb knew this Chicago native was more than worthy of a big-screen look, so he’s been researching, shooting, and editing a documentary ‘The Search for Count Dante‘ for the last few years, uncovering more and more fascinating information about a man who shrouded his life in equal parts mythology and concrete accomplishment.

Webb’s hit a snag, as the current claimant to the rights of Dante’s Black Dragon Fighting Society is threatening legal action (citing copyright infringement), but otherwise the documentary is chugging along. Take a few minutes to browse through the promo site (and the excellent blog), or maybe just send a few bucks Webb’s way so we can all get a chance to explore the life of a particularly awesome individual.

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