The Year in Games – April

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Along with a couple of neat game-related vids (Haloid was my favorite, but the redubbed ‘Worst Mario Ever‘ was pretty hi-larious), April was another great month for casual games, with a number of genres being represented on the front page.

April’s Tower Defense entry was Onslaught, which changed things up by making Microsoft standard Icons the baddies in question. The game has since been updated to version 2.1

Dotville Deluxe: Civilization fans got some love with this lo-fi strategy sim from FineFin in which you control the fate of a small village of dots. Can you use your resource managing skills to build an empire? Find out.

The Burgg: Movie trivia got a DIY kick in the pants with this user-submitted trivia wonder. Sure, anyone can identify a movie from a high quality still, but how well can you guess the title from someone’s stick drawing rendition of a random scene? The Burgg let us find out once and for all, and for that I’m eternally grateful. Even if you’re not much of a movie buff, the site is entertaining as hell just for the illustrations (which range from amazing to amazingly bad).

Galve’s Adventure: April saw yet another Eyemaze release, this time in the form of a belated birthday present from Oni himself. This time around the gameplay likened more to Hapland than anything we’d seen from Eyemaze in the past, and my only real complaint was just how short a diversion this turned out to be.

Planetary Orbital Defense (P.O.D): Nothing gets on my good side faster than a slick update of an old favorite, and P.O.D. hit the sweet spot with this great little Missile Command / Space Invaders mashup clone. Super fun, and super addictive. This game totally ate my day up, and bonus love for it being part of the Indie Flash Arcade.

Game, game, game, and again game: I can’t decide whether to describe this as the Anti-Mario or the Un chien andalou of games, but Jason Nelson’s brilliant little wonder managed to be both a bizarre deconstruction of the Mario mold and a fun tribute at the same time.

Rocket Rescue: Ah, yeah. I love me the physics games, and Rocket Rescue delivered with its ‘rescue the astronauts’ gameplay that gets a kick from force, velocity, and gravitational variables. Very simple, but once again that’s no impediment to awesome.

Best of the month? Man, that’s a tough one. P.O.D. takes it, but only barely, and based on the game’s replay factor.

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