The Year in Games – August

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August threw down a lot of old skool action, with clever homages to Tiger handhelds all the way to straight ports of Elementary School staples. Nimble up those fingers and let’s get crackin..

Of course, let’s get the obligatory Tower Defense game out of the way: Xeno Tactics took the TD style all space-like, with so-so results.

Barely two weeks after a much belated showcasing of the excellent indie classic, Kyntt, creator Niffla dropped Kyntt Stories on a grateful gaming community. Both games deliver quality platform action steeped in a surprisingly effective melancholy mood.

High Speed Chase simplified the Spy Hunter formula to its barest essence: Speed, and a healthy dose of the smashy-smashy. Super brief, but a hell of a lot of fun.

Pillage the Village brought an evil smile to my face, as the stripped down Dungeon Keeper game play turned village sim idea on its head while providing the backstory on all those angry peasants from Defend Your Castle. Malevolent fun at its best.

Continuing the ‘Other Side of the Story’ theme was Asteroids Revenge III, which put us in the shoes of an embittered Asteroid looking to payback all those little vector based killers from back in the day.

Of course, if you’re going to tell a bad guy’s tale, why not go with a true classic? To that end we got A Tribute to Rolling Boulder, the only game to put you in the uh, shoes? of Indiana Jones most famous rocky opponent.

Then of course there were the three distinct flavors of Statetris (US, Europe, and Africa), the game that challenged both your two dimensional spatial relation skills along with your geographical knowledge. Double trouble!

And lastly we have the old skool homage that was Too Many Ninjas!, a loving nod to the Tiger handheld games of old that manages to still draw me back in for some serious chop-chop ninja killin’.

Whew. Throw in the BBC site putting the old Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy text game up for play alongside a web port of Oregon Trail, and you got yourself one kick-ass casual gaming month.

Any one of these games is a deserving candidate for Game of the Month, but at then end of it all, Too Many Ninjas! just kicks too much ass to let it slide.

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