The Year in Games – December

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TetricalAnd so, here we are at December. I feel rather meta doing a Best of post for a month that still has a few days left in it, but what the hell, right? Oddly enough, December had by far the least game posts of any month in 2007 (due to a number of reasons), but that doesn’t mean there weren’t any gems.

Free Rider 2 aped the ‘not a game’ ethos of its inspiration (the excellent typographical doodad Line Rider) but pretty much threw everything else out the window with multiple drawing tools, pre-made backgrounds, and a plethora of vehicle choices (including a hot air balloon, oddly enough). Still, there’s no shortage of fun to be had, and you can’t fault the designers for chucking the need for some serious precision in lieu of easy fun.

Tetrical, on the other hand, demanded nothing but precision with it’s three dimensional take on Tetris. I’m not ashamed to admit that this game pretty much kicked my brain’s ass upside down.

Chat Noir was another brain-killer, but it did so in a manner so charming that I can’t help but forgive it. Kind of like cats in general, I suppose. What should be a simple ‘box the object’ game soon devolves into a frustrating session of a cat going ‘nyah-nyah’ to our pitiful human brains, but I keep playing it anyway.

Pastel Games (they of Submachine and Covert Front) turned in a short-but-sweet puzzler with Mission to Mars, which I found myself quite engrossed with. I just with it was a longer game.

Cat on Dolphin really shouldn’t have taken up so much brain space with me, but I adore the goofy game nonetheless.

And finally, we come to the last game in the list (as well as the last standalone game post of the year). Care to wager a guess? It’s today’s Vector Runner. I stumbled upon this gem last night while writing up the July post, and it nearly kept me up waaaay past my bedtime. It’s simple, pleasing to look at, and fun, which makes it a perfect candidate for this list, as well as the clear winner of Game of the Month. Admit it, I blew you mind with that, didn’t I?

So there you have it: Transbuddha’s year in casual gaming, all nice and summed up for your time-wasting pleasure. Where’s that leave us? Well, check back in 15 and I’ll throw down on what I consider to be the Casual Game of the Year. Ooooooh, anticipation!

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