The Year in Games – February

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You Dont Know JackFebruary was another weird month, as my twins had arrived and life was absolutely not returning to my norm. However, a number of great games did manage to find their way to the front page, including one that might be one of the best web games going right now. See if you can figure out which one…

Flight of the Hamster: Ah, the timelessness of Pengu Toss combined with inventive hamster technology. Quick and easy, Hamster Toss still manages to be a fun little time-waster.

PictapsOkay, so not so much a game as a doodad, Pictaps still makes the list for sheer dance fun. Create your own little dance floor double and let them rule the school as a crowd of doubles cheers you on. Awesome.

NeighborsIt’s pretty much a given that if it comes from Eyemaze, it’s getting posted. Neighbors deviates from the standard Eyemaze click in order puzzle type to make this clever little mind-taxer that asks you to arrange 9 little plant creatures in an order that keeps them all happy.

Climate ChallengeThe BBC sites continue to provide some of the most engaging and thought-provoking content out there, and Climate Challenge certainly clears an already high bar of quality. Your job is to manage both your country’s ecological impact (weighing in factors like taxation, industry, and popular support) while trying to negotiate effective treaties from other world leaders. A great game for strategy buffs, and a sobering reminder as to the sheer scale of effecting a sea change in our behavior regarding the environment.

You Don’t Know Jack: I can’t possibly convey how excited I was for the return of You Don’t Know Jack. If you’re unfamiliar with the fantastic CD-ROM series of old, the new (and free) web version is just as good a place as any to jump right in. Bonus awesome conferred on JellyVision for giving us both a full fledged YDKJ game, as well as a quick and dirty Dis or Dat for our more time-constrained gaming moments.

Game of the Month: As much as I want to give that love to the BBC’s excellent Climate Challenge, You Don’t Know Jack just beat the holy hell out of the competition for February 2007, and I’m not shy in stating that I think it’s one of the best games available right now.

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