The Year in Games – January

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Virus 3Ah, yes… the obligatory Year In posts are here! Huzzah! Today and tomorrow we’ll be looking at the year in casual games (so you’re guaranteed to get absolutely bumpkiss done for the week), and Monday will be the Year in Music Videos. There’s a lot of ground to cover, so let’s begin:

January was a weird month ’round Transbuddha, but that didn’t stop the gamgasm from marching on: Here’s the best that threw down at the start of ’07:

Bow Man 2: The original Bow Man is icon in net gaming, and the sequel delivers the awesome with just enough ‘new’ to keep things interesting. I mean really, how much more awesome do you need than a bow, an opponent, and really bloody wounds?

Flash Element Tower Defense: The original Tower Defence was a late 2006 drop, though Flash Element Tower Defense marked the first sequel in what would become easily one of the most popular genres of the year. Rest assured, you’ll be seeing more of these on the list.

Virus 3: Hands down, my favorite game from that month. So much so that I had to make myself not play it while writing up the post, otherwise you’d be getting this in January. Virus 3 is just that addictive.

Finally we have A Case of the Crabs, in which a Monty Python reference, a murder, and some find old point and click adventure action combined into a tasty little film noir gem.

Game of the Month? So totally Virus 3.

That does it for January. See ya in 60 for the fabulous Febs.

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