The Year in Games – July

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July was a light month (comparatively) for casual games here at Transbuddha, (and in fact July marks the first month where there wasn’t a Tower Defense game posted), but that doesn’t mean we’re wanting for games to round-up. Au contraire, my dear anonymous Internet pals. Let’s take a look…

Phantasy Quest hit the front page the day after Independence Day, and while they have nothing to do with one another, I’d like to think this Monkey Island throw-back is a testament to our freedom. Goofy graphics (and goofier plotline) made this point-and-click’er all the more enjoyable.

Staying with the freedom theme (not really) brought us to Nuclear Eagle, in which you play a particularly agitated avian monster hell-bent on destruction. The game took a bit to get up to speed, but once you start hurling police cars around, there was no stopping the fun.

Miestas: Jurgis Jonaitis and Justinas Malijonis’ wonderfully weird and beautiful platform puzzler plays with the expectations of normal gameplay to deliver a fantastic (albeit brief) casual gaming escape. Charm just oozes from this game, helped in no small part from the gorgeous graphics and jazz soundtrack.

Covert Front: Mateusz Skutnik & Karol Konwerski (otherwise known as the founders of Pastel Games) have proven to be particularly savvy game creators, as their locked-room Submachine series remains a web favorite. Covert Front stayed in the point-and-click format, but shifted into spy mode with an alternate reality storyline. Divided into four chapters, Covert Front offered both engaging gameplay and a deeply involved storyline.

Triangles: I am such a sucker for avoidance games (what that says about me personally I’ll leave to history), so Triangles was already a shoo-in, but this game upped the ante by forcing you to deftly avoid two sets of obstacles across a split screen via a mouse/keyboard control setup. Brain hurting fun!

So what game walks away with Game of the Month? Any other month and I’d say Covert Front, but Miestas charms its way into the top slot.

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