The Year in Games – June

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Man, but going through these lists is a dangerous endeavor in and of itself. My Super Mario Galaxy need is getting overridden by some quick and dirty web fun. Don’t worry, Mario. You’re still my favorite.

June’s Tower Defense Entries: Ant Buster, which put a picnic themed hat on things, and Vector TD which, along with being Candystand’s second TD game, threw it down 80’s vector style.

Favorite Game-Themed Media? Hands down that’d be the Hitler Banned from Microsoft Live clip. It just cracks me up every time.

Anyway, let’s move on to the games o’ June 2007:

Momentum Missile Mayhem: Physics and explosions. What more could you want from a game?

It’s a Fact: The always excellent Foon Arcade caught my eye (and my time) with this wonderful Breakout clone that mixed it up with bouncy fruit, ball cannons, and gravity wells.

Awesome Blossom: I never thought I’d say that a product sponsored game site would churn out so many great games, but Wrigley really kicked ass with Candystand. There have been a number of great games from the candy-coated adversite, but June’s Awesome Blossom remains my favorite.

Fingerjig: Jonathan Miles’ wonderful typing game showed you could push your typing dexterity skills without having to deal with Mavis Beacon’s smug face.

Cascoly Online Challenge: You know your trivia game is tough when it’s using the CIA World Fact Book at its resource. You have to love a game that not only makes you feel stupid, but less of an American at the same time.

Bloxorz: This ‘point A to point B’ puzzler blew a lot of my time, and rightly so. Crisp graphics, imaginative mechanics, and some seriously wicked obstacles made for one sweet game.

Game of the Month? Awesome Blossom, no question. I still play this matching game with some regularity, and there’s no end in sight for me.

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