The Year in Games – March

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March saw things returning to normal (in terms of posting, that is), with a multitude of great casual games that nibbled away at our day like so many anti-productivity mites. The Tower Defense genre grew by two more with the office themed Desktop Tower Defense and the graphically superior Flash Circle Tower Defense (which kicked it up Spiral style). The download love game to us in the form of the Puzzle Quest Demo, which whetted many an appetite for the full game, I assure you.

So leaving aside those gems, which games threw down the win? Let’s take a look.

The Impossible Quiz: I’m a sucker for quiz games, and Slapp-Me-Do’s brain-twisting puzzler doesn’t disappoint. The questions range from supremely obvious to ‘holy crap, how did he get that answer’, but most of all you’ll need a large supply of creative thinking. I really adored this quiz, so it’s with much sadness that I report it’s a one-shotter, as the questions are the same for each run.

Sprout: I really enjoyed this point and click mystery game that gave you a particularly versatile seedling and asked you to determine which plant type was most likely to get you from point A to point B. Very, very clever, and some beautiful hand-done graphics to boot.

Pants Volcano: I can’t beat my original summation of this gem, so let’s just use that: “Not only does Pants Volcano have the best game name ever, it’s also the only game you’ll ever play that involves shooting pants, boots, and doughnuts at a falling broccoli headed man in order to bounce him into stars. GENIUS!” Yeah, I still stand by that.

Fancy Pants World 2 Demo: It’s saying something that the demo for the (hopefully) soon-to-be released Fancy Pants World 2 game warrants a slot on a list filled with complete games. That’s just how awesome this little demo was. The sequel to the super entertaining Fancy Pants Adventure from Brad Borne, this short level packed just as much fun in as any number of full games. Still no word regarding the game’s actual release date, but I’m willing to wait for perfection in this case.

Dwarf on a Wharf: Yet another penguin toss clone, but this one got more than a chuckle from me. Because really, who hasn’t wanted to hurl a bossy dwarf onto a departing ship?

Dwarf Complete: Eyemaze’s little viral wonder for the Lineage II game was a joy all by itself. Old school RPG gameplay done in the Eyemaze style. Awesomeness!

Game of the month? Without a doubt that title goes to Fancy Pants World 2 Demo. Now, all we need to do is get Brad Borne to finish it…..

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