The Year in Games – May

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We’ll wrap up Part One of our look back at the Year in Games with the month of May, which had a number of great online games, as well as a super fight ARG and open source wonder. Not to mention: Zombies!

Best game-related media? Oh, that’d be the opening animation for the Elebits Wii game, but I will admit a fondness for the World of Warcraft dancing clip. And really, could I leave out the wonderful Katamari Damacy movie trailer mash-up?

May’s Tower Defense clone comes by way of Potion Panic, which turns the TD concept on its head with some very clever gameplay.

Endless Zombie Rampage: Holy crap, but EZR is as awesome now as it was 7 months ago. One man, a lot of guns, and a whole mess of zombies come together for a bloody rampage of fun. I’m so ready for the whole zombie craze to be done, but Endless Zombie Rampage manages to remind me why it was fun in the first place.

Frets on Fire: PC users gave consolers the finger with this open source version of Guitar Hero (that was capable of using an XBOX 360 USB Guitar Hero controller, no less). This free download is supported by a sizable (and fanatical) user community, with not only a sweet selection of songs, but the tools to port over your own tunes. DIY for the win, yet again.

Bible Fight: The Adult Swim site has hosted a number of clever games since its inception, but Bible Fight was the opening shot in the ‘we’re not screwing around anymore’ attack that’s seen a number of kick-ass (and high quality) games released upon an unsuspecting populace. Bible Fight gives you a theological throw-down in a decidedly Street Fighter vein, but what really put this game into the great category was the smooth game mechanics and super-slick graphics. If the AS crowd could figure out how to make games like this that didn’t hinge on a ‘look how edgy we are’ hook, I’d be super impressed.

Death Village: I really got a kick out of Death Village, as the platformer managed to keep things fresh by giving us not a hero, but a cowardly fool who has to be tricked, scared, and coerced into accomplishing the level goals.

World Without Oil: Ken Eklund and Jane McGonigal designed this clever Alternate Reality Game for the Independent Television Network as a way of getting people thinking about how we can shift the world into being less dependent on oil, and it succeeds on just about every front. The game officially ended at the close of May, but there’s no shortage of material for you to peruse and enjoy on the main site.

A super tough month in terms of a ‘best of’, but in the end I’ll have to go with Endless Zombie Rampage for sheer fun factor. There’s a lot of replay value in the game, along with no small degree of strategy so those two points really kick it over the top for me.

Tomorrow: We’ll run through June to December, ensuring that you manage to get absolutely nothing done as you while away the minutes waiting for the New Year’s weekend to kick in.

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