The Year in Games – October

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Flash PortalOkay, so not exactly Casual Gaming, but Valve’s Orange Box dropped in October, and I’d be pretty damn remiss if I didn’t at least mention the incredible awesomeness that is Portal. And wouldn’t you know it? There’s…

Portal: The Flash Version: This homebrew version of the much-beloved (and deservedly so) big budget puzzler may lack a smoking hot Half Life 2 engine and graphics, but the basis of aperture based puzzle fun shines through regardless.

Staying with the ‘fun with science’ concept is Launchball, a game designed for the London Science Museum to edutain some basic scientific principles. Which, quite frankly, I’m so super down with.

Moving in the opposite direction entirely is Viva Caligula, which marked Adult Swim’s second foray into ‘questionable content/kick ass gameplay’ design. Kind of an insane Legend of Zelda (but without, you know, a story), Viva Caligula put you in the murderous sandals of Rome’s most infamous emperor as he slaughtered his way to efficient governing.

Maybe not so questionable in the content side, but certainly kicking ass in gameplay side of the equation was the so-much-better-than-I-expected Capoeira Fighter 3, which got high marks just for being one of the single best Street Fighter clones I’ve ever seen in a web-based format. Super smooth gameplay (and amazingly good animations), this fun little ass kicker made me forget how much I hate Capoeria fighting in the first place.

Jumping waaaay over to the other side of the gaming fence was Sushi Go Round, a charming little game that put you behind the sushi bar as you attempted to keep your customers (and your owners) happy. We’ve come a long way from Tapper, huh?

Hmmm.. This is a tough one, but as much as I hate to be such an Obvious Oliver, I’m going to have to go give Portal: The Flash Version the Game of the Month nod. More than just a cheap knock-off, the game managed to be it’s own little bundle of fun, and that gameplay mechanic just kicks every ass out there.

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