The Year in Games – September

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Do you remember the 21st night of September? Love was changing the mind of pretenders, while chasing the clouds awaaaaaaaaay. Hey, hey, hey!

Play BlockyAhem. Actually, we didn’t have a game post on the 21st, but let’s not a little accuracy stand between us and a good Earth, Wind, and Fire reference, hmmm? Anyway… on to the games!

I particularly enjoyed Pile o’ Bubbles for it’s imaginative game mechanics. After all, it’s not often you’re asked to clear a level using nothing more than expandable bubbles and some bouncy physics.

Blocky illustrated just how seductive simple gameplay and a slowly advancing difficulty level can be, as by the time the game gets brain-taxing you’re already more than sucked in. I loved the click and drag gameplay, and found myself getting super-obsessed with erasing those smug faces off the field.

Clix was another addictive little puzzler, but it asked a lot more of you out of the gate with it’s ‘fill the box’ premise and arrangeable tetris shapes. Monkey brain hurt.

Nitrome churns out a number of good games (at a fiendish pace), but good doesn’t always make the list. YinYang, however jumped to the great category with the negative/positive gameplay mechanics (which may or may not have been lifted from Sean Howard’s innovative 300 Game Mechanic Ideas) and their trademark visual flair. Controversy aside, it’s just a great little game.

Finally we have Manifold (which has since received an update), a game that plays with gravity physics to great effect. We’ve come a long way from Lemmings, but the ‘point a to point b’ game just can’t be shaken from our collective consciousness, it seems. I really and truly dug this game, as frustrating as it was at times.

Game of the Month?
Well, were it not for the fact that Manifold subsequently got an upgrade to a much more satisfying game, I’d throw the award its way. As it is, I’m going to have to go with Blocky, which is just a little slice of casual gaming perfection as is.

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