The Year in Music Videos – April

by alphamonkey on December 31, 2007 · 0 comments

in Music Videos

April seemed to have a bit of a timeless feel in regards to the videos, but not so much that the showcase clips are so much as a throwback as rather a great homage to a number of styles. Take a look…

I was a little late to the party concerning the Apples in Stereo excellent (and infectious) clip for Can You Feel It, but I’m not one to let a little belatedness keep me from enjoying a great track from a band I’ve long adored. Upbeat and fun (making it a perfect fit for the tune), this was a total bounce in your step spot.

Groove Armada’s Get Down, on the other hand, put more of a ‘back away slowly’ bounce in the step with a CGI horde of party crazed rabbits.

Moving well back to the charming side of the line was The Sleepy Jackson clip, Good Dancers, which just put a big smile on my face with this sweet tale of a janitor sweeping a nurse off her feet.

Retro is a good choice for Camera Obscura, as so many of their songs have a kind of timeless pop feel, but this journey through the years clip for Tears for Affairs was especially nice, as the effects and style for each ‘year’ seemed such a perfect fit.

Mumm-Ra went thoroughly modern with their art inspired clip for She’s Got You High. I can only image that Ron Mueck was on their minds with this larger-than-life museum piece which was 100 times better than the song itself.

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