The Year in Music Videos – February

by alphamonkey on December 31, 2007 · 0 comments

in Music Videos

February saw a return to a more even posting schedule, so there were a number of great clips to choose from ranging from sheer awesome to sheer WTF. Get your coffee on and let’s take a look through the highlights of the month…

Lily Allen – Alfie: You can always count on puppets to spice up a video, and in that regard Alfie delivered as the layabout lad to Lily Allen’s put upon sister.

Maldroid – Heck No! (I’ll Never Listen To Techno): Let’s see, what’s a sure fire recipe to get my attention? Robots, stop-motion animation,and a Lite Brite apparently, as this low-fi goof got me all tingly inside.

Samwell -What What: This Valentine’s Day surprise is notable sheerly for its camp value (and ridiculous NSFW lyrics), but even more interesting (to me, at least) is the detailed wikipedia entry some enterprising souls put together. That’s a lot of work for something so patently ridiculous.

The Knife – Heartbeats: Not a new video by any means, but an awesome one regardless. I just can’t get enough of this song, and the old-style skating is just so hypnotic.

The Go! Team – Junior Kickstart: I’m a big fan of The Go! Team, so throwing live-action Pac-Man into the mix is definitely chucking the chocolate into the peanut butter. I mean, really now… how awesome would this have been to see played out in real-life?

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