The Year in Music Videos – June

by alphamonkey on December 31, 2007 · 0 comments

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Being as June is my internal clock’s mark for the beginning of Summer, it’s fitting that things went a little more high concept that month.

Kate Nash’s Foundations was maybe not so much high concept as well done flash that mixed live action and animation for yet another literal interpretation of lyrics.

CSS has already carved out a name for themselves in the music video world with a handful of imaginative spots, but so far Alcohol is my fav. I’m just a sucker for puppets.

Japan’s own Cornelius tends to turn out spectacular videos, and Like a Rolling Stone was no exception with its tiny army of miniatures. Ordinarily that’d creep me out, but I really dig it here.

Song (and admiration for Damon Gough) aside, Badly Drawn Boy’s spot for Promisessuper fight wins if for no other reason than I’d absolutely love a car that was powered by piano playing. How awesome would that be? In that world, I’d never go anywhere unless mrcookieface was driving.

Bat for Lashes’ ‘Donnie Darko meets In the Mouth of Madness’ spot for What’s a Girl to Do? is easily one of the best videos of the year. This is just a supremely well made spot. So much so that the aforementioned influences don’t at all overshadow this spot with cliche or overexposure.

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