Who The F##k Is This Guy?

by Andy Cochrane on December 3, 2007 · 2 comments

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andy cochraneIn a moment of booze-fueled stupidity, Alphmonkey has asked me to become a full time Transbuddha contributor. Which leaves you all wondering: who the hell am I, and what the hell do I plan on writing about? Well, for those of you who were around earlier this year, I was one of the bloggers who stepped in to help out when the twins were born. My name is Andy Cochrane- I run The AV Club, the group behind “Psycho Bob“, “Drunk America” and a few shorts you may or may not have already seen. I’m honestly a total nerd; I work in Visual Effects for $, I make videos for the web, and do some improv comedy in my spare time. I do the things that nerds tend to do- I think way, way too much about all things technical. In addition to the AV Club videos, I’m also the primary poster on our blog, so if you care to find out more, you can read it all there; this is as good a post as any to start on.

As for what I will be writing on here, I am not going to lie- it’s gonna be some friggin’ nerdy sh!t. There will be links to videos and maybe a flash game or two like you’re used to, but there’s also going to be posts on design, software, technology, and anything that is bothering me at the moment. I have a tendency to rant, I love thinking about new and future innovations, and I love discussion, so feel free to hop on the comments of any one of my posts and call me out on anything [but keep it civil].

So there ya go, the answer to the question posed in the title of this post is officially answered, now it’s time to get this thing going!

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    Welcome to the Buddha.

  • http://www.theavclub.tv Andy Cochrane

    thank you very much- i’m glad to be here.

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