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by alphamonkey on January 17, 2008 · 1 comment

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Did anyone catch the chopped interview with Jonah Goldberg on A Daily Show last night? Stewart prefaced the piece by admitted that the interview initially ran 18 minutes long (they had to cut it down to 6 and a half), and what was left was one hell of a teaser for the whole shebang. As yet, Comedy Central.com hasn’t made the unedited interview available, but I’m dying for a look at it, as what was aired showed an incredulous Stewart trying to get a straight answer out of Goldberg (no easy feat, considering Goldberg’s rather disjointed history of public speaking).

Anyway, take a gander at the cut clip and tell me that’s not an interview you’d like to see in full.

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  • K. Gamm

    Oi Vey… where’s that one smiley, the one that is shaking it’s head in it’s hand , when you need it. That man’s whole argument felt like a game of six degrees of separation:
    fascism => Nazis => organic race => early environmentalist movement => who knows what => organic food

    But wait, theres more!
    Mussolini => fascism => George Orwell => Giant billboards ordering you to do sh*t => Hillary Clinton => LIBERALISM!! AAAAAAAAH!! AAAAAAH!! OH NOES!!

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