Best Skateboarding Ever?

by Andy Cochrane on January 29, 2008 · 1 comment

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I am not a good judge of skateboarding prowess- I can’t even stand up on the things properly, but this has got to be the best video of skateboarding stunts you will ever see. Before you say “skateboarders don’t do stunts, they do tricks” watch the video:

This is stunt man territory. A slow mo intro for the skate video “Lakai- Fully Loaded“. I really have a lot of respect for the guys who created this- its dangerous as f##k but makes for amazing visuals.

You can see more of the Fully Flared clips at Lakai’s site.

alphamonkey sez:Spike Jonze FTW! You gotta respect that Spike still spends time in the genre that first made him famous. And holy crap, the staircase blowing sky high after Mike Mo’s switch flip is just gorgeous.

If anyone’s curious: the tune being played is M83’s ‘Lower Your Eyelids to Die With the Sun’

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  • Andy Cochrane

    a commenter over on the av blog let me know it was jonze- super awesome, makes total sense. a co-worker pointed me to the opening title of “yeah right”– also cool, but not as cool as that video’s invisible skateboard piece, which i had seen before but never knew the context of. looks like its skater film education day for me.

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