Ellen McLain – Still Alive

by alphamonkey on January 1, 2008 · 4 comments

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I really, really, really wanted to post this prior to today, but end-of-year lists took precedence. I’ve not spent much time talking about the awesomeness that is Portal (at least, not as much as the game most assuredly warrants), but I’ll rectify that a bit here with this post for the end-credits tune, ‘Still Alive’, which was written by Jonathan Coulton and performed by Ellen McLain (who provides the voice of GLaDOS).

Hands down, Portal has one of the best closing sequences of any game I’ve ever played (which won’t make any sense to anyone who hasn’t played it), but even better is that Portal has the best closing credits sequence ever, as you can see/hear in this clip. Not only is it a great way to wrap up the game, it’s also a great pop tune. Hats off to Coulton for writing such a perfect closing note, and double so to McLain, who delivers it perfectly.

Seriously, folks… go buy this game.

(If you didn’t guess, this is my nerdy way of saying Happy New Year, everyone)

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  • Kirune

    I have the MP3 for this, and it is undoubtedly one of my favorite songs XD.
    Sadly, I have not had the pleasure of playing Portal myself, but I get the whole story through references (The furry fandom was chock full of ’em, still kinda is) and research, because I don’t have money for it.

    But I heartily suggest everyone buys it, it is supposedly a very good and innovative game.

  • elkciN

    This is a good a place as any, just wanted to say Happy 2008 to everyone.

    I suppose I should also mention that Portal is indeed a wonderful game, just to stay on track.

    But mostly it was the New Year thing.

  • thegreg

    ‘eargasm’ is right. I read this post two days ago, and the song won’t let me go! it’s getting so pervasive, buying an X-box sounds like a good idea… just thought I’d put that on your conscience…

  • http://Somewhere Half-Life Fan

    I LOVE the song! Had a snowday recently and listened to it on You-Tube for a hile. Great stuff!

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