Guitar Zeroes

by alphamonkey on January 29, 2008 · 0 comments

in Music Videos

A few weeks back my good pal John and I were discussing the Guitar Hero effect (ie enforcing the foolish belief that ‘everyone can be a rockstar’), and we both wondered how long it would take before someone decided to turn their Guitar Hero controllers into MIDI triggers and play live. Not very long at all, as it turns out.

The Guitar Zeroes (heh?) accomplished this effect by writing their own software (so DIY points there) to assign tone and sounds to the controller options, and in the end the effect is kinda jarring. Think synth-keytar meets 16-bit rock. No word on how soon they’ll abandon their real drum kit for a Rock Band version.

The gadget nerd in me goes ‘cool!’ while the musician in me just sighs sadly.

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