Iron Dukes

by alphamonkey on January 25, 2008 · 3 comments

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Iron DukesGet your treasure hunter on with the very clever (and very well done) Iron Dukes. This is a phenomenal time waster (and one hell of a game), a fact reflected by its nomination in the Best Browser Game category of the upcoming Independent Game Festival. Strategy, resource management, and good old fashioned action abound in a topsy-turvey world where Teddy Roosevelt is a steampunk ranger and Thomas Edison leads a band of roving warlocks.

I mean, c’mon… That just sells itself, don’t it? The writing and design are top notch, and the game gives you a number of play styles (monkey prefers the combat) to choose from. Super fight awesome.

Play Iron Dukes

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  • Just Plain Bob

    absolutely HILARIOUS flavor text. pretty clean gameplay, a bit easy to cheese out. two things i didn’t like: you can only play the first area (what is this “full version” they speak of?) and when you get better items, the enemies in that realm scale up. what’s the point in power-levelling and grinding if you can’t get a bit of an edge?

  • FAN

    nice gameplay. But balance isnt good. enemies scale so u can get fast ur 3* 9900 equip for every char. items are too cheap. and u can max. make damage of 99 thats bad. what are the next lvls for when i can get perfect chars in the first lvl?
    Hope in full vers this will be fixed – then great game

  • whataslacker

    Great little game. Thanks for the post and making me waste an hour or two when I should have been working! :)

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