Nowheremen Ep.2

by Andy Cochrane on January 30, 2008 · 4 comments

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This week’s episode of Nowheremen brings us more questions and less answers per minute [mqala/min] than LOST ever managed to pack in, but I know in my heart that there will be answers to come (unlike LOST- that sh!t is never going to be answered). But the acting and visual style of this series are both really interesting, and deeply confusing right now. If you like good things that are well done, give this series some of your love, I know these guys will not make it a waste of your time. Also, in case you haven’t been paying attention, 50% of the cool of this series is the ARG running on the site- if you like the videos here you’ll love the materials available there.

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  • Just Plain Bob


    I suppose I might be biased, because I’m sortof a fan of Lost (Well. “Fan” less than “addict.” I hate the show, I just can’t stop watching it…) but, this web series doesn’t really bring to mind such phrases as “good things” and “well done” so much as “vague” and “poorly written.”

    Whereas Lost was genuinely engaging and had ridiculously complicated plot lines (up till the point where the dollar signs showed up in the producers’ eyes and they extended the show from it’s original, what, three seasons, to a projected 5 or 6?) this just seems to be… erm… nothing. Gadgets, weirdness, and nothing. It doesn’t seem promising.

    Perhaps our hearts just lie in different places, Andy.

  • .alphamonkey.

    Personally, I can’t stand Lost (or ‘Cocktease’, as it’s called ’round Casa del Mono), but I’m digging this so far.

    It might help that I’m approaching Nowheremen as an ARG, and not a show, or it could be due to the fact that I’m a huge and unabashed fan of Invisible Engine, therefore anything featuring Sean, Matt, or Chris is pretty much going to entertain me.

  • Andy Cochrane

    i think if i did not know the ie boys i would not care to stick around and see where this train goes, but i do know them, and i am positive that this will lead to interesting-town. what is vague now would normally turn me off if it was from a group of unknowns, but its not, so i want to tough out the initial oddness to it all to see what happens. i know that they are good actors and writers, so the awkwardness in the dialogue and acting in this episode is obviously a choice, one that i am interested to see the reason for.

  • .alphamonkey.

    Yah, IE certainly spends more time than most in the land of awkward and obliquely weird, which is no small part of why I adore ’em.

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