Super Bowl Spoilers

by alphamonkey on January 28, 2008 · 5 comments

in Commercials

In my world Tom Brady, just seconds into the second quarter, will rip the fleshy mask from his face, (revealing to the world his horrible robotic visage), and then embark on a worldwide tour of destruction, which leaves the earth a shattered husk ruled by Brady and an unhinged Bill Belichick, who will no longer pay heed to NFL recruiting and scouting regulations (not to mention pesky anti-spying rules).

So that’s my spoiler for Sunday.

Adland has a more of a surprise ruiner, however, with their Super Bowl XLII Commercials Spoiler, which is a great way to skip the ambiguity and get right to the disappointment. Huzzah!

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  • brindlefarter

    I’d pray for the Brady as destructive robot thing to be true, if only for the fact that it would mean that you would be viciously tortured and murdered but not before having to rape, torture and murder your own children.

  • .alphamonkey.

    You must live the saddest, most pathetic life ever.

  • Andy Cochrane

    the ‘buddha has the most ineffective griefer ever! brindle, you really need to get better at this, or give up- either way you’re not good at what you try to do at all.

  • .alphamonkey.

    It’s kind of like have a Tourette’s addled Gargamel around.

  • Andy Cochrane

    i feel that what you just described would actually be entertaining.

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