The Great Xmas Tree Burn Of ‘08

by Andy Cochrane on January 17, 2008 · 2 comments

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Every year in January, a few of my neighbors drive around picking up dead Christmas trees that people have put out on the curb for disposal. They drag them all out to the beach, make a huge pile, and light it up. The ensuing fire is one of the biggest, brightest, fastest burning bonfires you have ever seen, and is easily the most impressive New Year tradition that I know of. The exact time and date of when the Tree Burn will be is never announced- it just kind of happens, and I’ve failed to get it on tape the past few years. But this weekend, I finally succeeded. You can see it all for yourself in the tape, but believe me, the heat and size of that fire is not really clear- the top of the flames were easily 60′-80′ in the air. 2000-And-Great has officially begun!

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  • Frank

    That cant be legal

  • the don

    That takes me back. I’m from a small town, and every year the whole community would bring their trees into the rink parking lot (usually well into the hundreds) and set them ablaze. Ah, good times…there would be skating, drunken farmers with gas cans, children unattended and running amok near the flames, members of the volunteer fire department having whisky spitting contests…endless fun.

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