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by Andy Cochrane on January 25, 2008 · 0 comments

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Thomas Allen’s Pulp PhotographyAlphamonkey posted back in May about the really cool photography of Thomas Allen. I was out of the country (that’s my excuse, I stand by it) so I missed that post but caught Thomas’ work in Southwest Airlines’ “Spirit” magazine [I know… I know…] over Christmas and blogged it over on the AV Club Blog.

The artist himself spotted my post and commented to say hello, but then he did something really incredible: he wrote in an extremely detailed breakdown of his work. He describes how he discovered the idea for what he does, what goes into creating and printing each photo, and then even sprinkled in some insight into who he is as a person and how he works as an artist. I am floored by how much he wrote, and if you are even the tiniest bit interested in his work, go read the whole thing in the comments on the post, I promise you it is fascinating. If all artists took this much care and attention in following up with those who write about their work, the world would be a much, much more enjoyable place.

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