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by alphamonkey on January 24, 2008 · 6 comments

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Sorry folks, but baby illness descended upon Casa del Mono like a mighty hammer of sniffle, cough, and discomfort, making sleep a non-starter last night. So of course that means good ol’ dad, who stayed up to help the girls woke up from his paltry 3 hours of sleep feeling like Thor had punched his brain. Ah, life.

Anyway, system functions have been partially restored, so at least I can throw down some low-impact links:

Wired has an interesting piece on culture of griefing, though at points the author seems to be a bit too sympathetic to the cause at times.

SF Weekly’s David Downs got craft with EFF activist Peter Eckersley to attempt to prove or disprove Comcast’s destruction of Bit Torrent traffic. (Tests show they do). Also a neat primer on the history of Bit Torrent.

The Center for Public Integrity has released a comprehensive database of the Bush Administration’s statements in the lead-up to our war in Iraq. Late in the day perhaps, but still more proof that we’ve been badly betrayed by those charged with the stewardship of this country.

And finally… If there was ever any doubt that the Republican Party has become the ‘win at all costs’ player (and most certainly to blame for the poisonous culture of politics for the last 12 years), look no further than the latest 527 group, Citizens United Not Timid, an anti-Hillary Clinton group headed up by much-respected sleazeball Roger Stone. I’ll let you think about that acronym for a minute.

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  • brindlefarter

    Funny how in the article on Comcast and Bit Torrent there was no mention of the fact that 100% of Bit Torrent traffic consists of illegally bootlegged material.

    But then, since you believe that everyone should rush about throwing garbage cans through the windows of every conceivable type of chain store, be it a McDonalds or a Best Buy and follwing the garbage can with molatov cocktails, and you are a commie who thinks that McDonald’s hamburgers taste like masking tape and that all of the “moolies” should be tortured and murdered on sight.

    As for the Center for Public Integrity’s report, who fucking cares??!! The Democrat led Congress whose collective cock you have been slobbering have proven they won’t do dick to Shrub.

  • http://www.dadsbigplan.com .alphamonkey.

    Give it up, already. Your trolling is tired and busted.

  • http://www.theavclub.tv Andy Cochrane

    um, check your facts, then rant. bit torrent is used to distribute the 100% legal HD video feeds of tons of popular video producers on the web. this is why miro has built in torrent support. just because a technology is used for great evil does not mean that the technology, or even some of those who use it, is itself bad. in blocking this type of traffic, comcast is making it harder for people like me to have cheap, open, accessible distribution for our videos.

  • http://www.theavclub.tv Andy Cochrane

    favorite quote of the griefer article:

    “Broadly speaking, a griefer is an online version of the spoilsport — someone who takes pleasure in shattering the world of play itself. Not that griefers don’t like online games. It’s just that what they most enjoy about those games is making other players not enjoy them.”

    what a great read.

  • Gorlog

    It really makes me angry that a 527’s exist in the first place. They are just a loophole in what was supposed to be a decent campaign finance law (McCain/Feingold).

    Additionally, I can be pretty crass at times, and can even cross the line from time to time, but to have GOP funded 527 with such obviously malcontent and unprofessionalism is just wrong on any level. Especially given that the GOP is the party that seems to want to put more limits on FCC and “acceptable language”.

    Just makes me mad.

  • http://www.theavclub.tv Andy Cochrane

    brindle, if you want a current example of bit torrent being used for great good, read this piece from BoingBoing.

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