February 2008

If you're wondering…

by alphamonkey on February 29, 2008

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this is what my brain feels like right now.

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FluApparently I’ve contracted the flu-ness. We’ll try again when gummi bears aren’t trying to eat my brains.

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Jack Wung’s short film, ‘Origami Boat‘, relates the nature of a love affair between a Japanese girl and a French boy. Super charming.

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Artist Chris Jordan directed this video for Beck’s ‘Timebomb’ off the 2006 release ‘The Information’. Jordan’s work has been featured here before, and in this clip he puts his signature style to work highlighting the waste and mass consumption of our society. Seems like a good fit to me.

Watch ‘Timebomb

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Obsolete Skills runs down all those tricks and abilities that have lost their place in this topsy-turvy world.

I’m especially sad for the fate of degaussing a CRT monitor. I always enjoyed that brief moment of crazy-vision it provided.

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Exxon ValdezYesterday the Supreme Court heard arguments in the now 18 year old class-action suit against Exxon for it’s culpability in the Exxon Valdez disaster of 1989. Exxon long ago lost the class-action suit, but they’ve been fighting having to pay out the 2.5 billion dollars in putative damages that were awarded to the plaintiffs. Exxon’s reasoning seems to hinge on the fact that, having paid 3.4 billion in clean-up costs, they should have to pay out to the 32,000 class-action participants (20 percent of which have died since the filing).

Slate’s Dahlia Lithwick writes up the arguments presented (which you can read in their entirety here), and what struck me was the repeated point that, having violated company policy by drinking on the job, Capt. Joseph Hazelwood can’t be considered an agent (managerial or otherwise) for Exxon thereby nullifying Exxon’s culpability or responsibility in paying out to the devastated towns affected by the spill. That seems ridiculous to me, as it was Exxon’s malfeasance in not removing Halzelwood prior to the spill (discovery showed that he had a history of drinking on the job and that Exxon was aware of that fact) that lead, directly or not, to the spill itself.

Of course, Exxon’s claims of ‘oh, we’ve done so much’ seem rather foolish considering that the corporation generates 2.5 billion in revenue EVERY THREE WEEKS.

Read Dahlia Lithwick’s summation here

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Kevin Drew (best known as co-founder of the Broken Social Scene) knows that the best way to kick off a rock show is to buy the entire 600 person audience a shot of tequila, as evidenced by this video for his single ‘Lucky Ones’ off his (not-really) solo album ‘Spirit If…’ How awesome is that?

Watch Kevin Drew – Lucky Ones

For you non-Canadian music nerds out there, the gent introduced on stage at the start is Tom Cochrane, best known in the US for his 1992 hit ‘Life is a Highway’.

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Chris Rodda on House Resolution 888As shameful and embarrassed as I was that House Resolution 847 passed last December, the real kick to the reason crotch comes by way of House Resolution 888, which was introduced a fews after and is currently sitting in the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform’s queue. (The text of the House Resolution 888 is displayed after the jump) Introduced as a means of designating the first week of May ‘American Religious History Week’ (which is a little stupid in and of itself in my opinion), in reality the resolution seeks introduce into and codify as record a staggering number of historical inaccuracies (and in some cases outright lies) regarding the religious foundations of our government and history.

Author and scholar Chris Rodda does a more than admirable job (and certainly better than I could manage) demolishing the more egregious falsehoods contained in the resolution via this article, which even on it’s own is a wonderful little history lesson about founder’s intent and the mythology that’s sprung up over the years regarding our history.

Read Chris Rodda’s rebuttal and refutation here.

I don’t begrudge anyone their religious faith or pride, but attempting to codify blatant falsehoods into the tapestry of the US legislature (not to mention promoting the teaching of those same falsehoods in schools are part of a religious history week) is the kind of act that not only degrades us as a nation, but further harms our standing in the world by promoting ignorance over factual record. I find it amazing that elements within the Christian movements can somehow find it plausible that a nation founded on secular principles (the point of which was to allow people to choose to worship however they wish, including not at all, instead of being forced to recognize a state-sponsored faith) has somehow been misrepresented for the last 230 years.

These things piss me off a little…

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The Crack Fox!

by alphamonkey on February 28, 2008 · 1 comment

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You know, one day things will be better. And by better I mean, Spaced and The Mighty Boosh will be available in US formats on DVD. C’mon now, someone get on that. .

Anyway, The Mighty Boosh has finished it’s third season (and is already available on DVD in the UK. Wow, imagine that..not making an audience wait a year and a half for a season DVD!), and that makes me sad so I’ll have to fix it up with a liberal dose of Vince meeting The Crack Fox.

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Subway Dance

by alphamonkey on February 28, 2008

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Casmir Nozkowski sent in his latest short highlighting a little dance action the the late night D train from Brooklyn to Manhattan.

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