Cannon Challenge & Scorched Earth

by alphamonkey on February 21, 2008 · 0 comments

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Cannon ChallengeDiscovery Channel’s Future Weapons site goes decidedly old school for the NLOS (No Line of Sight) Cannon Challenge game by aping the Scorched Earth game method. As it stand, it’s a fun little time-waster, though a decidedly easy one. Just adjust your angle and velocity and then pound away at unsuspecting targets

Of course, if you really want to go the distance, you can revisit the classic Scorched Earth via this Java based port (Scorched 2000), or you can just full one old school it and download the classic DOS based Scorched Earth 1.5. There’s a reason this is called ‘The Mother of All Games’, folks. Trash talking tanks, a bevy of inventive (and destructive) weaponry, and the kind of graphics that make you long for the glow of your 14 inch VGA monitor.

Sweet jittery junebugs. I can’t believe how much time I spent playing this back in the day.

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