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by alphamonkey on February 1, 2008 · 2 comments

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Cynical-C collected a number of FCC complaints that had been obtained by (via FoIA suits). It’s one of those funny-because-it’s-true (and also very sad) looks into the minds of those people who are moved to write the FCC.

For instance, here’s one viewer’s complaint regarding a Simpson’s episode:

In this episode, the students of Springfield Elementary School have revolted against the teachers and administrators, taking ‘control’ of the school. The students eventually catch Principal Skinner in the gym. As they begin to overtake and subdue Principal Skinner, one of the students empties out a large brown-colored drawstring bag that is filled with various sports balls (soccerballs/basketballs/voleyballs etc). Mr Skinner is then placed inside the empty sack and the drawstring was pulled snug around his neck, leaving only his neck and head outside of the bag. My concern, and the basis for this complaint, is in the manner of how the image of Principal Skinner was depicted after he had been placed into this bag and the drawstring pulled. The image of the large drawstring bag very clearly, and undeniably, resembled a non-circumcised penis (flaccid state). Mr Skinner’s height was the reason for the length of the brown sack, depicted the ’shaft’ and where the sack tapered from Mr Skinner’s shoulders up to his neck where the drawstring had been pulled into a ‘pucker’ depicted the foreskin.;

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  • starr

    Wow.. I just knew she was about to say something else. Woah, why am I surprised?!?

  • Katie

    But later in the episode, when Skinner asks the hamster to “chew through his ball sack,” that was OK? I’m just sayin’, that’s the part that seems likely to offend- this seems way out of left field.

    Pheh, why be obvious when you can invent something to be offended about?

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