Friday Quickies

by alphamonkey on February 22, 2008 · 0 comments

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Slate’s Dahlia Lithwick has an excellent argument for forcing the government to release some of the Gitmo interrogation tapes. I can’t believe we’re still debating the idea of this country endorsing torture.

Shirts for the Venture Capitalist in your life.

French researchers have created a synthetic rubber compound from vegetable oil and urine that’s capable of re-sealing itself when cut. Behold the age of Flubber!

The story behind the John McCain lobbyist story.

Affluent toy retailer Sharper Image has filed for bankruptcy protection.

The secret history of Barbie. (Okay, not really. The explanation given is a rather lurid take on a mundane tale)

Celebrity Draft Cards from World War I

And just because… Moose A. Moose’s ‘Everywhere I Go’ song

Holy crap, but that’s an earworm.

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