Gretchen Morgenson on the Subprime Mortgage Crisis

by alphamonkey on February 18, 2008 · 1 comment

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In my day, I’m asked a number of things. Stuff like ‘why won’t you stop spamming trade chat with WTB Hobo Lapdance?’, ‘why do you still like Domo-Kun?’, or ‘what the hell is the deal with the subprime mortgage crisis?”. Good questions all, but only one of which I have an answer for. Well, I don’t, but Pulitzer Prize winning econ journalist Gretchen Morgenson does. Here’s an October 2007 Fresh Air interview in which Morgenson lays out the problems with the banking institutions that lead us here better than anyone I’ve heard.


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  • BillG

    Very good explanation. I am very much the layman when it comes to how this stuff works, so this article was very much my speed.

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