Internet Sausage: Taste the News!

by alphamonkey on February 20, 2008 · 3 comments

in Miscellany

Mars, Kraft Foods and Nestle are under investigation in Germany, Canada, and possibly the US for conspiring together in a price fixing scheme. I’m filing that under ‘funny and sad’.

Because an irrational and all-consuming fear/hatred of robots is genetic, my girls are terrified of the Tickle Me Elmo Xtreme doll that was given to them by our friends last month. I can only imagine their reaction to the newest Sesame Street monstrosity.

Nicholas Gurewitch is semi-retiring the Perry Bible Fellowship. So buy the book, already… :(

In comic movie news: Gambit has been cast for the upcoming Wolverine movie, thereby guaranteeing complete suckossity.

For the culturally challenged: Bring It On explained in 30 seconds. I had no idea the film was so chock full of Buffy.

The largest Star Wars Collection in the Galaxy. My own mammoth collection found its end as a twisted mass of melted plastic due to a fire. I’ll alway love you, B-Wing!

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  • Andy Cochrane

    oh man, less new pbf strips from now on??? suck!

  • Mark Peters

    I didn’t realize robophobia started so young…

  • tom mulholland

    a friend told me she saw this on the news this morning, and all i could think about was this post. anyways ‘death threat elmo’…

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