The New Front on Terror: World of Warcraft

by alphamonkey on February 27, 2008 · 1 comment

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Wired reports on The Reynard project, a US intelligence effort to create a software package that will attempt to catalog behavioral patterns of shared world multiplayer games in order to root out extremist and terrorist behavior.

Part of me kinda thinks this is an excuse for researchers to get paid for playing WoW, but what if they succeed in writing a software package that will monitor in-game chat and behavior? Will it be a player that’s beefed up with logging software? How can you possibly root out potential extremists from the normal insano chat that goes on every minute of the day?

Because I’m a nice guy, I’ll throw out a freebie tip for ’em: Barrens. I’m just sayin.

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    Freakin’ Barrens Chat. Srsly.

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