Billy Preston – My Sweet Lord

by alphamonkey on March 12, 2008 · 1 comment

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Billy Preston - My Sweet LordBedazzled throws out a little obscure love in the form of Billy Preston tearing up ‘My Sweet Lord’ on The Larry Cane Show circa 1970. While the song is most famous as George Harrison’s monster hit (and monster lawsuit when it was found to be unintentionally derived from ‘He’s So Fine’), it was written for Preston by Harrison for the ‘Encouraging Words’ album. I have to say, Preston’s version wins hands down.

Dig it in glorious Quicktime.

Interesting note: Harrison was forced to forfeit all royalty payments from the song (as well as partial royalties from the All Things Must Pass album) to Bright Tunes Music, who owned the rights to ‘He’s So Fine’. That company was bought by Harrison’s business manager, Allen Klein, during the court case (leading to a a parting of ways for Harrison and Klein), but eventually Harrison himself was able to buy the rights to ‘He’s So Fine’.

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  • Geoff Video Dodd

    That’s an incredible piece of rock history. Billy Preston was a great keyboard addition to George et al in those days. Had a power to his playing. GD.

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