Consoles I Have Known: NES and Sega Genesis

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Consoles I Have KnownTodd Levin continues his video game autobiography with entries on the NES (The Most Competitive Man Alive) and the Sega Genesis (Three Thousand Head-Butts).

Good stuff, and probably the single best summation of Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out! ever recorded by man:

Punch-Out was an unmistakable product of the Reagan/Bush era, a boxing game where you, a tiny white person named Little Mac by his Catholic forebears, traveled around the world, meeting members of every major ethnicity, all who were two or three times your size—a fact that did nothing to discourage you from punching every last one of those foreigners in the face and belly until they surrendered or could no longer regain consciousness. After sending a clear message to the people of Germany, Spain, Turkey, and other points East, you were sent back home to the U.S.A. to punch out Mike Tyson—an athlete who, in a more realistic universe, might generously wait a full 15 seconds before punching a hole directly through Little Mac’s chest, killing everyone in the first three rows of the venue, at which point the bell would ring, and Tyson would probably fly home and rape a tiger or whatever else it was he did to keep himself so scary.

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