F**K and YEAH!

by Andy Cochrane on March 11, 2008 · 2 comments

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This one needs little to no explanation, it just needs your attention:

Not only shouldn’t companies that helped the government’s warrantless spying on American citizens be given retroactive amnesty, the government should establish a national commission — similar to the 9/11 Commission –to subpoena documents and testimony in order to find out — and publish — what exactly the nation’s spies were up to during their five year warrantless, domestic surveillance program.

Go read the whole story. It is a good, good day in America. Slowly the horror that has been the past 7 years is starting to thaw, sanity is on its way back into fashion. Anyone who says that we need unfettered, unmonitored, warrantless tapping of every single phone in the USA needs to go read the Constitution, then they need to go poke around a little and see just how little this program has accomplished and how badly it has been misused. Let’s spend less money spying on ourselves and killing future terrorists’ parents, please.

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    What pisses me off the most about this whole thing is that FISA was set up specifically so that these abuses wouldn’t be an issue. FISA has ALWAYS allowed a 72 hour warrantless tap period on time-sensitive cases, and to date FISA has approved every single warrant application put before it. There was and is no logical or reasonable excuse for operating outside of it’s domain except removing accountability.

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