I Hate Balloons

by alphamonkey on March 25, 2008 · 3 comments

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Well, not me personally, but Alexia certainly does. To whit:

There is no reason to ever give balloons as gifts. What the hell is someone supposed to do with the balloons? And how are they supposed to get them home? Yeah, no, it’s totally fun and not at all annoying to have to jump on the bus with a bunch of helium-filled devil-balls. Then, you bring ‘em home and do what everyone always does; you stick them in a corner of your house until they shrivel up like old-man balls and then you drag them out to the trash. Yeah, great present. Much better than something edible like a cake or something aesthetically pleasing like flowers. So, if you’re the kind of jerk who hands someone a bunch of balloons for their birthday/Mother’s Day/anniversary/bris, it’s really as if you’re saying, “I fucking hate you.”

To illustrate, Nick Campbell put together this short film, ‘I Hate Balloons’.

I Hate Balloons (Part 2) from Nick Campbell on Vimeo

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