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by alphamonkey on March 11, 2008 · 5 comments

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Bored? Feeling apathetic about how to be bad? Try some brand-spanking new sins, courtesy of Benedict XVI!

Kellogg, Brown & Root (our #1 war contractor) has avoided paying some $500 million dollars in payroll and Social Security taxes over the last five years by hiring employees via Cayman Island shell companies. USA! USA!

Oklahoma’s proposed religious freedom law paves the way for Pastafarians to totally ace science tests by forcing schools to disallow contradicting a student’s belief system with inconvenient facts. (apparently they haven’t paid any attention to how Texas’s similar law opens the door to lawsuits and Constitutional conflict)

Erik Sofge asks us to honor Gary Gygax, but to also admit that Dungeons & Dragons isn’t a particularly good role-playing system. I gotta say, he’s right. GURPS for the win.

I must have missed the internal memo on this one, but apparently Atheism is the new gay

And finally, while I don’t like to judge how someone else gets their kink on, I have to say: This is so seriously disturbing. (SFW)

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  • Colonel Dashing

    In reference to Gygax, that Slate article was on the money. Over the years, as we moved from pre-teens to teenagers, my group couldn’t help but evolve our games to a higher standard of dialogue and interaction vs. the hack and slash. However, in my opinion, GURPS is easily outclassed by ETERNUM, from Old Stone Press.

  • .alphamonkey.

    I gotta throw out a little love to the Champions Hero System as well.

  • Gorlog

    I still play me some D&D… but I’m a huge role player. Love me some Call of Cthulhu and for true role-playing action; Jorune or Ars Magica.

  • Colonel Dashing

    I haven’t heard about Ars Magica in forever! Good game. I certainly hope it’s not D20 CoC that you’re playing, though. Wizards of the Coast and D20 are the death of all things sacred.

    THAC0 wasn’t just a rule. It was a way of life, man.

  • Gorlog

    LOL… I hadn’t heard THAC0 in years. Thats great. Ars Magica never went d20, and I still play old school Call of Cthulhu pre D20.

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