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by alphamonkey on March 13, 2008 · 1 comment

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The Daily BatmanBlender runs down the 20 Biggest Record Company Screw-Ups. Missing from the list: Prog Rock.

Rum, Sodomy, and the Lash: The Annotated Lyrics: Track by track breakdown of the Pogue’s finest moment. Not discussed: Shane McGowan’s dental habits.

The 50 Ugliest Guitars of 2007: If you’re not playing a cootchie pink BC Rich Warlock, you’re not playing rock n’ roll.

Because we all need a little more Bats in our diet: The Daily Batman

Congress finally gets off its butt and takes a close look at Federal Communications Commission Chair Kevin Martin and a number of managerial decisions that may have squelched reports whose conclusions didn’t dovetail with the official line.

And speaking of the squash: The Pentagon’s long-awaited report on whether Saddam Hussein had operational ties to al Qaeda or not (answer: nope) gets a little less love this morning, as the Pentagon canceled a press release announcing its availability, and has pulled all digital copies from their online archive. How about you just go a head and read it anyway? The troubling bits (for the administration) in question or the whole enchilada.

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  • RazorFine

    Neat idea with the Daily Batman – too bad there’s not much content.

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